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#HSYFIT-Workouts At Work

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Remember the days when “work” meant manual labor with a side of blood, sweat, and tears? Neither do we. These days we log hour after  hour sitting in our seats. And while you may spend your day crunching numbers and your nights pumping iron, recent research suggests that the recommended 30 minutes of cardio five times per week may not undo the health of a sedentary lifestyle.


So, this brings the question of what you need to  do to stay fit? Luckily, short bouts of aerobic, strength exercises, and stretching  can help improve your fitness levels. You can adopt a mix of Deskercises  to stay fit throughout the day. These workouts won’t promise  you Olympic mile times or six-pack ABS, but surely will improve strength and burn a few extra calories.Here are five deskercises that we have for you which you can try and feel relaxed while in office.


1. Tip Tap Toe

Speedily tap your toes on the floor under your desk. Or move to a harder (and less inconspicuous) move: Stand in front of a small trash can and lift up those legs to tap the toes on its edge, alternating feet, in soccer-drill fashion.

2. Staircase Marathon


Want to avoid elevator small talk in favor of elevating the heart rate? Take the stairs! Accelerate on the straightaways and take two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn.

3. Shake The Leg


When pay raises are nowhere to be seen, consider the leg raise. While seated, straighten one or both legs and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg(s) back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Repeat (alternating legs if raising them separately) for 15 reps.

4. Take A Dip

Triceps Dips can be done almost anywhere, including a cubicle. Using a sturdy desk or a non-rolling chair, sit at the very edge and place hands on either side of the body while gripping the chair’s edge. With the feet planted on the floor a step or two away from the desk or chair, straighten up the arms to lift up the body. Next, bend the arms to reach a 90-degree angle so that your body dips down, hold, and re-straighten while keeping the body raised above the chair. Complete 8-10 reps.

5. Keep Shrugging


This one is not recommended while you are in your  board meetings. Simply raise both shoulders up toward the ears, hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat for 15 reps. Feeling unstoppable? Try advanced shoulder shrugs while standing and holding a paper ream in each hand.


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