HSY-He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

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With a career spanning over two decades, Hassan Shehreyar Yasin has done it all. To say that HSY is one of the icons of Pakistan’s fashion industry would be an understatement. Named as the ‘New King of Couture’ by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, HSY remains the most well-known fashion entity inside & outside Pakistan. A man of many talents with unmatchable energy, he rose to insurmountable heights with perseverance, determination & a lot of hard work.


Starting his journey as a fashion choreographer in 1994, by directing a show for   designer Nilofer Shahid, there was no turning back from that point on. Today, HSY is the number one choreographer of choice for almost every major fashion week happening in Pakistan.


While choreographing for fashion shows, Hassan’s own interest in designing started to develop. For someone who has been designing his own wardrobe since the age of 6, it wasn’t surprising to finally take the plunge and transition into fashion designing as well. However, this transition to becoming a fashion designer didn’t happen overnight or without formal training. During the course of 7 years, while directing fashion shows, he enrolled & paid for his college education all on his own. His knowledge & creativity about the craft can be traced back to his college days at the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD), from where he graduated as a Salutatorian graduate.


After getting rejected countless times it was on this day, the 5th of December back in the year 2000, when Hassan dared to follow his heart. He started his journey of carving a future for himself in the fashion industry all by himself. Having just a dream, the support of his family & a mere 50 dollars in his pocket, he set out to start his own fashion brand. 15 years on it now stands as the leading fashion brand in the country, having its presence known the world over.


HSY Bridals have been a rage with young brides since the very beginning. To this day the brand enjoys the same kind of fan following as it did 15 years ago. No matter if it’s Couture or Pret or even the Menswear collection, they all receive accolades from fashion critics & consumers alike. With high quality craftsmanship, creativity and not to forget the force behind the brand, HSY himself, he proved with his brilliance and hard work that everything is possible if you dare to dream. Surely, He came, He Saw, He Conquered.